Brand ambassador

I love promoting brands that I use in my work. With a collaboration we can start a long term relationship with shared values and viewer base.

Brands worked with

While working together, your brand will receive mentions, posts, and content creation such as photography and videos on an ongoing basis. I’m happy to provide written reviews, unboxings, and product showcases.

Social Media Coverage

As a photography enthusiast, I create high quality content on my social media platforms. These range from posts, mentions and stories, content creation such as photography and videos on an ongoing basis.

Brands I have worked with include HHKB (PFU/Fujitsu), Anker, Synology, Banggood, Anne Pro 2

My images have been viewed over 4,841,155 times on Unsplash and has been featured across hundreds of websites.

Video content

On my YouTube channel, I create video content for your brand. These include product showcases, such as an unboxings and overviews, or in-depth multi-part reviews.

In the past I have worked together with brands such as Synology, Kemove, Kinguin, Lootcrate and Lootgaming on video content.


Let's get in touch and make something awesome together!

Products I would love to share with my fan base include, but aren’t limited to: mechanical keyboards, cameras & photography gear, laptops & smartphones, gaming gear & accessories, PC build components, subscription boxes, microphones and coffee.